Getting a Puppy - Things to Remember

The three stages of your puppy’s life are:

  • 8-20wks – puppy stage – the most crucial learning and conditioning period
  • 20wks – 7mths – adolescent – cheeky teenager period
  • 7mths – 15yrs - adult

Acceptable behaviour as an adult dog is acceptable behaviour as a puppy. Don’t allow your puppy to get away with behaviour that you do not want it to exhibit when it is an adult dog. Set your expectations really high, not really low.

Remember there is no manual that comes with your puppy, your puppy is unique to its self. What’s right for one puppy is not necessarily right for another.

From the time your puppy arrives home it will be trying to work out what the rules and boundaries are and who is in charge.

Biting, chewing and jumping up from your puppy are not desirable traits and it can all be avoided. Correctly handling, communicating and training your puppy will benefit you and your puppy so that your puppy fits in to your home and life, not the other way around!

With an investment of possibly 15 years ahead of you, it's best to start at the beginning to ensure you and your family are happy and that you have a happy and confident dog.