We got Buddy The GSP when he was 2yrs old & we were told he was well behaved etc.. Well that wasn't the case but he is just so loving that we had to keep him & when Ian came and worked out what was going on in a matter of minutes & then gave us a plan moving forward on how to interact with Buddy, & what to do with him we are now well on our way to having a well behaved dog. Thanks alot from Buddy & The Clark Family

I never wanted a 'fur baby' I just wanted my puppy to grow up to be a good girl but I got caught up in all the hype and complicated everything for myself and Bobbi. Ian the time you spent with us and how you explained everything & showed Bobbi and I what we could acheive made me cry. All good tears I might add, just relieved that Bobbi & I are going to enjoy our life together. Thank you so much Ian, it was fantastic!

I've been to puppy school, group classes and Russell just got sillier and sillier. I bought him treats, puppy chinos, millions of toys, bribed him to be good and just when I'd had about enough I booked in with Ian. Oh MY GOODNESS, I am so grateful to Ian and so glad that I can get rid of all the stupid treats, toys etc that weren't working and now Russell has rules and guidelines in place and he knows what he's spose to do and so do I. So simple, so easy, so glad, thank you Ian, you're a gem!

Hi Kris / Ian / Kym

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kym for teaching us techniques that will make us enjoy Lulu even more and really make her a part of our family by being well behaved.

Kym, you were so lovely and we enjoyed having you in our home teaching us how to teach Lulu. Your advice is invaluable.

My offer still stands, you're welcome to move in!

Can't thank you enough Kym.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Thank you for sending your Trainer on Saturday morning.

He was fabulous and really helped the whole family gain confidence with dealing with our puppy.

As we are all novices his tips with feeding, sleeping and water were great. We are all improving every day with his guidance.

Thanks again. Louise Gordon 🐾

We would like to highly recommend Dale for his professionalism in showing us how to handle our 11 wk old Cavoodle “Gizmo” and giving us advice on how to set up our balcony which we did the next day and little Gizmo is enjoying his independence (especially the grass).

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We have already started implementing many of the tips and advice that Dale gave us and already see a big improvement in Lemon's understanding of and response to us – and it's only been a few hours!

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It was such an enjoyable few hours and I learnt so much. Which, ultimately, the training was needed for me rather than Addie!

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His teaching method is like no other and it works. Ian is fantastic and we would like to invite him again when Aston is a few months older.

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