In home dog training, is it better than group classes?

Investing in the learning and development of your puppy or dog is so important.

You have possibly paid a small fortune for your new family member, and you want it to fit in with your household, your lifestyle and to be a joy to have around.

Contact Ian The Dog TrainerProblem is you are time poor, you work, have responsibilities, kids need to get places, catching up with friends is important, then there are all the weekly chores to take care of but you really want a well behaved puppy or dog.

If you sign up for training classes you’re committed to hanging out with a group of strangers and their dogs, learning general stuff but nothing really specific and related to the personality of your dog plus it is not conducted where you live and where the problems can occur and is generally after work or on the weekend so it’s going to cut in to your already busy schedule.

How amazingly convenient and relevant is it to have a professional dog trainer come to you, at your home, on a date and time that suits you and your schedule, household, commitments.

In home dog training is all about you and your expectations and is a very personal experience designed to suit your household whilst taking into consideration the personality and breed of your dog or puppy.

George The Spoodle

For over 20 years Ian Bradnock, a Professional Dog Trainer & Animal Behaviourist, has been conducting in home dog training and together with his team of trainers, they have been achieving fantastic results with their clients.

The advice and instructions are simple, clear and realistic, nothing complicated, and all you need to do is be consistent and follow the advice given and voila you and your puppy or dog will go forth and enjoy wonderful times together.

So if you’re weighing up heading to a group dog training class with a bunch of people you don’t know, and their overly excited puppies and dogs, over having a professional trainer come to your home it’s possibly the easiest decision you’ll make today. Get the professional to come to you.

Yes it costs money for a personalised training experience but isn’t your time worth it?

Spending a couple of hours at your home and around your streets learning how to train your dog has got to be more worthwhile than locking yourself into a training course that’s going to take 4-6 weeks and is not personalised to you or your dog.

George The Spoodle