Bowie, Endeavour Hills

Dear Ian,

I just wanted to send you my heartfelt thanks for all your help, you’ve given us our lives back! Your technique is brilliant and it works. I got so confused with everyone’s advice (including my vet’s) on how to fix Bowie’s behavioural problems, our household was going into meltdown, including the poor dog.

I was about to surrender him to my brother. It’s like you swept in, taught us what to do and Bowie fell into line like a new recruit! Magic.

Except it’s not magic, it’s ultra-sensible advice based on methods implemented by professional organisations who train highly-disciplined working dogs. I had been feeling so guilty I couldn’t do anything to improve my dog but now I have toughened up and I am following your every word to the letter. Now Bowie is trying to please us and I think he is happier for it too. I have stopped babying him and he finally respects us.

For anyone reading this, please believe me when I say that books, video tutorials, puppy schools and dog therapy are all bunk. Don’t waste your time and money; ring Ian and everything will be sorted out.

Our carpenter friend built an excellent kennel for Bowie and he’s happy to stay outside unless it’s really hot. I was very proud of my boy when, at our six-month puppy reunion, Bowie was the only one who was able to be let off the leash, swim in the sea and come back to me when I called him.

Thanks to Ian’s dietary advice, I noticed that, compared to his siblings, Bowie was the biggest, slimmest and fittest dog on the day. All the other owners had been placating their dogs with endless treats. A couple of pups looked like they had hardly grown at all.

I am not writing this to show off as I am not a competitive dog owner. I am trying to demonstrate the great results that are possible if you get the right kind of expert advice. I have passed on your details and implored the owners to contact you and finally stop suffering.

Owning a dog is supposed to be joyful and many were looking as harassed as I used to. Thanks once again Ian. I hope you have a great year ahead. 

With gratitude,

Mary, Sheldon and Bowie.